About Us

Aid for Effective Change (AEC) is a Non Governmental Organization that has its focus on contributing to the mitigation of poverty related problems by enhancing the capacity of communities to access and utilize knowledge and resources for their benefit. AEC utilizes approaches that aim at strengthening communities through their organizations to ensure that communities participate fully in accessing health services at community level, including malaria prevention and treatment, maternal and child health, HIV and AIDS prevention and mitigation, water and sanitation and communicable diseases.

AEC creates advocates from among the community. We presume that effective members of the community are the best advocates, as they have first-hand experience in dealing with community issues or problems that leads them to seek far-reaching solutions. Further, they are dedicated to their community, and can help others realise the need for fundamental policy change and bring people together to influence government, other organisations and the public at large.  Community advocates are the communicators.

Our Strategic Plan is attached here