Our Activities


AET has been able to reach the community and provide lifesaving services in terms of access to clean and safe water, hygiene awareness with inclusion of cholera disease surveillance so as to reduce the disease burden especially among children boys and girls under the age of five. AET has also been able to lift the economic status of some of the locals through employment and increasing their expertise through capacity building.

  1. Hand wash campaigns have been held in schools using puppetry as a tool to impart knowledge of hygiene to school children over 1000 primary school children have been reached.
  2. Appropriate channels of mass awareness like puppetry have been used in mass awareness campaigns. over 4000 returnees and displaced persons in IDP camps have been reached.
  3. Traditional cultural and drama groups have been used to motivate youths, women groups, elders and religious groups in hygiene promotion and cholera preparedness and sanitation campaigns. Over 8000 people have been reached with this promotion.
  4. Hygiene promoters from targeted communities have been trained on cholera prevention and interactive discussions with chiefs of all villages reached with hygiene promotion were engaged in dialogue meetings on hygiene promotion.
  5. Home to Home messaging has also been used to spread hygiene messages within target.
  6. Demonstrations on proper hand washing techniques have been held in schools while networks with WASH partners like concern international on the ground were harnessed on global hand washing day for future valuable partnerships on cholera prevention through behaviour change and to regularly monitor key hygiene practices and proper use of items and facilities provided.
  7. Distribution of purification tablets, buckets, tarpaulins and 30 latrine slabs during both mass awareness campaigns and home to home.